First blog post

Hi. Welcome to my website. I am looking forward to posting some very valuable information to help others in their time of need with assistance with their elderly parents. Many people get confused between Home Health and Non Medical Home Health. Home Health which sends in a medical person such as an RN or LPN  comes in 1 or 2 times a week and takes blood pressure, temperature, checks wounds, medicines  and charts your improvement or lack there of. NM Home Health are caregivers who come into the home as many times as necessary depending on the needs of the patient. They can assist with bathing, preparing meals, light housekeeping and running errands.  More on my next blog tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I loved this post! Someone said your blogs fairly often and you’re always developing great stuff.
    I shared this on my facebook and my follwers loved it!
    Keep up fantastic work.


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