I Want To Go Home!

How many times have you heard someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s say they want to go home? You look at them and tell them they are home and have lived there for 60 years. They have a blank look in their eyes as they don’t understand what you are telling them. The home they are thinking of is usually a childhood home. Ask them to describe their home to you. Sometimes they can’t remember but they just know they aren’t home. They pack their suitcase and set it by the front door. Some even go as far as calling taxi cabs to take them home or get on a bus. In most cities you can call the telephone company and request that they block the taxi cabs phone numbers from the phone. It is probably best not to tell them they don’t live in the old home anymore. They aren’t going to remember it anyway. It is best to distract them and get them moving around their current home possibly sitting in their favorite chair or a cup of coffee. Ask them about some pictures they have in the house and who the people are.  You have heard the stories on the news that someone’s parent, aunt or uncle has been missing for 24 hours and were last seen walking down the street. If they get to this point you will need to either have a caregiver stay with them when no one else is around or they will need to be in at least an Assisted Living center. You want to keep them safe.


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