Pet Companionship

Do you remember when you were young and your parent came in your room to wake you up to go to school? The dog was under the covers and you were trying to keep the dog still. They saw the dog moving and fussed at you to get the dog out of the bed! “Dogs are animals and don’t belong in your  bed, they would say.” You got a  2 minute drill how dogs have fleas, shed hair and may defecate in your bed.

Forty years later, you go to visit your parents and not only does the dog get to sleep in the bed but has its own bowl by the kitchen table so they can eat dinner together. The dog gets to lay on the sofa and shares your parents favorite chair with them at night watching television. That use to be your spot. Haha You may even be the lucky person that gets to take them to the groomer every week to get all prettied up and smelling good.

Dogs or cats can be great companionship for your parents. Especially, if the parent is alone now. The animals usually like to snuggle with them and that gives your parent a warm, fuzzy feeling to be loved. It also assists in helping to keep them calmer and perhaps sleep better. Your parent may also feel safer with the dog there.

If your parent doesn’t have a pet and you are considering it there are a couple things to take into account. If it is a puppy, how big is it going to get? A puppy is going to be rambunctious for a couple of years. If it is a larger dog you always take a chance of the dog getting excited and knocking your parent down. There are older more settled dogs in your local dog shelter that are well behaved and trained already. A small dog can also be a risk as every time your parent bends over to pick the dog up there is a chance your parent can lose their balance and fall. So, what do you do? Get a monkey! haha  Just Kidding.

Do your research and also pick a dog for his personality as each breed of dog has a unique temperament. Help your parent train the dog if you have time or take the dog to a trainer. It is not a pleasant experience when a dog is totally disobedient with an elderly person. They will both be stressed. Neither gets to enjoy the companionship. After all, that is why they are there.

If your parent has a caregiver please be sure and let the person know there is an animal and what type of animal there will be in the house. Many people and/or caregivers are allergic to cats and dogs, they are scared of them or don’t want to be bothered with the duties of taking care of them while they are there with your parent.




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