Choosing a Caregiver

There are several different types of caregivers. There are caregivers that work for companies that are licensed, bonded and insured and approved by the state. Caregivers that work for smaller companies or companies that aren’t licensed by the state. Caregivers that are independent and set their own pay rates, hours and what their duties will be. We are going to talk about private caregivers today.

I have had the pleasure to know many skilled and wonderful private caregivers. They set their own rates of pay and which type of clients they will work with.  They also determine what types of extra duties they will or will not do such as: housecleaning, running errands, washing  clothes, cooking, taking care of pets.

Private caregivers are usually cheaper than private companies by at least $4 an hour. Most of them do not carry any type of insurance to protect them or you from circumstances that may arise and have no overhead thus the difference.

Many are Certified Nursing Assistants(CNA) or were at one time but have let that license expire. So they have had classes to teach them how to bathe, transfer, take blood pressures and blood glucose levels. Not all states require the same amount of hours to teach these procedures so you will need to interview them and find out their skill level if those are services you need. I would also suggest that you have them demonstrate those skills for you. They are NOT licensed to give  insulin shots. They are NOT licensed to insert catheters or remove them.

I recommend that you require a police report current within the last year. After all this caregiver will have free reign in your parents house.

To find out what duties they are willing to perform or work with your parents I would ask them first and after hearing them, give them a description of what your parents need. This will give a chance to evaluate them first. I would also draw up an agreement with the pay rate, hours of work agreed to, pay date and requirements of care of duty. Each of you should have a copy.

Personalities, interests, tone, speech, tattoos, dressing fashions are all part of things you need to take into account other than skills. This is a very vast subject with many details and variables so much could be said. I will talk more about this next time.


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