Patchouli Oil (Repost)

Hi Everyone, I accidentally deleted the Patchouli post last night on my website. I was trying to change some stuff around and I did. :-)))  I have had so many requests today from people looking for the blog and I didn’t write it down so here goes another rendition. Maybe I can make it better.

If you were around for the hippy era you might recall the quite unusual scent of Patchouli.  Most people either loved or hated it. I  loved it and so I was quite excited when I joined Young Living Essential Oils and saw they had an oil named Patchouli. I didn’t know anything about its benefits, I just loved the smell. I will share some of the awesome benefits of Patchouli Oil with you.

Some of Patchouli’s benefits are effective in helping people to focus and concentrate with such conditions as anxiety, autism, ADHD, Alzheimer and depression. When applied to a sting or itching sensation from insect bites it will relieve that pretty quickly. It has also been used with people with asthma and upper respiratory conditions. It is effective for eczema, dermatitis, and acne. If a child or baby has dermatitis  I would ask a professional as for the amount to use.

So taking those conditions in mind I guess you could say that Patchouli could be said to be used  as an antidepressant, astringent, antiseptic, inflammation reducer and decongestant.

I put 2-3 drops Patchouli and Lavender in a diffuser  before bedtime and I sleep really well.

I am a Young Living Distributor so I do recommend Y.L.  Honestly, I have tried other brands and I prefer Y.L.

Thanks so much everyone.Robin Gale


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