Melaleuca Essential Oil (Tea Tree Oil)

Melaleuca Essential Oil has many great uses but it is believed to be one of the most powerful Antifungal oils to be used among the hundreds of Essential Oils. Here is a small list below. It is impossible to list them all in one post.

  • Used to treat acne.
  • In nursing homes or colleges apply to the bottom of your feet to reduce the risk of germs spreading. Also public pool areas and showers.
  • You can apply Melaleuca directly to any skin area that has been compromised such as a scrape or cut. It will help reduce swelling and risk of infection.
  • dandruff
  • gum inflammation
  • as a disinfectant- dilute it in a spray water bottle and use to clean many areas of your home.
  • Clean around pets bedding
  • showers

After cooking cabbage, fish, or anything you don’t particularly like the smell, you can put a couple of drops in a diffuser and it will remove those nasty smells.

Essential Oils are very potent. Using more than suggested is not better and could be very dangerous. When pregnant there are many oils that shouldn’t be used and you need to research it. Essential Oils should also not be  used on small children until each oil is researched. You may need to mix it with a carrier oil.

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Robin Gale


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