Sleeping Habits

For most of the elderly sleeping all night is a challenge. Sometimes the doctors prescribe Ambien or tell them to take Benadryl. The problem with that is they become an even greater fall risk at night. Waking up in the middle of the night drugged can be dangerous as they stumble through the house to the bathroom. Most of the time the house is not well-lit or they won’t turn the lights on as it hurts their eyes. This is when some people decide to hire a caregiver at night to stay with the parents to get them safely to the bathroom, a glass of water or any other request.

This brings me to the last topic I was writing about, private caregivers. In my 15 years of hiring caregivers I use to like to hire either RN or LPN students for this position. There are a lot of these students working privately in homes for the extra money. There are several great benefits for them to do this. They use this time to study. They can use this time for part of their community service in some states. They have a reference in the same field already when graduating to assist them to get a job.

When you have a night-time caregiver it should be understood that they are not to go to sleep. The parents also have to understand that the caregiver can’t sit in a dark room and be expected to stay awake. They should be able to sit in another room with lights, close to the patient so they can stay awake. They should be able to hear the client when they start moving around.

It is a winning situation for everyone.

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