Transfer Disc for Safely Transferring a Patient.

Product Details

This is one of the best tools that can be used when transferring a patient that has little mobility. It can be used safely when transferring from a bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet, shower bench to wheelchair , wheelchair to car or any other places. The patient does need to be able to stand on their feet a little bit. Always use a gait belt also when using this Transfer Disc.

The way it works is set the Transfer Disc on the floor right in front of the patient. When they stand up their feet goes onto the disc. You will have the disc in lock position. Once the patient is standing on the disc, release the lock with your foot. Holding onto the gait belt slowly turn the patient around until you have the back of the legs against the object you are transferring them to. Lock back in place. Slowly assist the patient to sit while holding the gait belt.

This eliminates the need for the patient to have to move or shuffle their feet from side to side. They only need to stand on the Transfer Disc and the caregiver turns them. This will help people that normally have given up trying to be mobile at all.

This is also a back saver for the caregiver!

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Thanks so much.

Robin Gale


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