Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Have you ever had flashes pop in your mind of events happening and within a week or so it happens? You may have been driving, cooking, taking a shower, cutting the grass or something else. Usually you are doing something that doesn’t require a lot of attention, kind of on auto pilot. You may have seen an airplane crash, a car accident or something else.

I have always wondered how this happened. I have spoken with numerous people about it and it just depends on whom you are talking with as to what answer you will get. For example. speaking with a spiritual leader (pastor) they may say it is a vision and you should pray for their safety or to stop the accident. Others (pastors) just dismiss it and say it may have been a dream you had and are just now remembering it. An intuitive person or someone on the psychic side say that you are psychic and maybe should pursue that area. Friends may just laugh and say you are making it up. You can’t prove it because accidents happen all the time.

I read a book called, “Soul DNA” by Jennifer O”Oneill that had a very interesting explanation. Within your Soul DNA is also a connection to what is called a Consciousness Web. A Consciousness Web is a spiritual communication system and a web of knowledge. This web of knowledge is similar to how millions of atoms can make up one particular thing, like a basketball. The difference is, instead of being separate, it would be as if all of the millions of atoms had a tiny string that connects each and every one of them together like a web. The basketball would be the consciousness web, and the atoms would be each and every one of us. This is one of the Universal Laws. “The Law of One or Oneness,” our spiritual being is all a part of a bigger whole, or in this case, the Consciousness Web, We can still move around freely but there is still that little string of energy that connects all of us together.

Most of the time we are accessing this web of knowledge , as we do not even realize that we are doing it. Primarily we will access it when we are sleeping because we tend to be more receptive to whatever information is coming through to us at this time. When we are sleeping, our spiritual being will connect into this web of knowledge without any interference from the mind and its logic. This is why many people who do not consider themselves psychic can have a premonition dream that comes true. They just tap into whatever information is going through the Consciousness Web at that time. Sometimes when a major event is about to happen, that information will be going out in many areas of the web at the same time. This allows many people to have the same premonition about a major change or event while they are sleeping.

I just thought this was very interesting. Just another explanation or opinion on how we get this information.

Any thoughts?


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