Thieves Essential Oil-Young Living

Thieves Essential Oil can be used topically, internally or diffused for better health.  Thieves Essential Oil  can be applied anywhere on the body, but works best when placed on the feet, behind the ears or on the chest or hands. It can be used in a diffuser as it helps to remove harmful bacteria and germs.
When added to water and put into a spray bottle, the oil makes an excellent antibacterial cleaner. The uses for Thieves Oil are not limited to just health, as it can be added to the dishwasher for cleaner dishes, mixed with baking soda to clean teeth and even used as a spray to relieve scratchy throat. It can be rubbed on the chest to  help relieve symptoms and feel better.

It is a great oil to have in an elderly person’s home because they can get sick so fast. It smells great and can be diffused every night as a precautionary health measure.

Thieves Essential Oil is definitely one that you would want to have in the home, healthcare setting, nursing home or even a daycare.


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