Excerpt From My New Book(Coming Soon)

As I was cooking my breakfast the dogs were louder than usual and their barking sounded different. The barking was sharp and rapid sounding.  I could even hear them growling inside my house. They didn’t have the same sound as usual when chasing the squirrels.  I started towards the glass door and lo and behold, a peacock with its feathers spread wide came running and hopping by. The dogs were hot on its tail. I stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. How did a peacock manage to get in my fenced in yard? I didn’t know if the peacock would bite me if I went outside.  Here they came again headed in the opposite direction with peacock feathers flying. I knew I wasn’t going to try and catch the peacock, so, the next best thing was to get the dogs back in.

My dogs have been trained by hand signals and words. Sometimes late at night, I don’t want to be outside screaming their names. Three hand claps means to come inside.

My dogs usually listen to my commands immediately, but when I clapped my hands for them to come inside they stopped and looked at me, but the peacock was more interesting. I tried again. Three more hand claps as they went flying by. This poor peacock looked exhausted but he wasn’t stopping. The dogs weren’t paying attention to me.  I called them by name. “Brownie, Bella, Taco, Cuddles. Inside! Now! ” I hollered at them. They came towards the door but then continued to chase the peacock. After all, they hadn’t had the opportunity to chase a peacock before.  I needed a new plan. These are small dogs so they weren’t running very fast. I joined the dogs chasing the peacock only I was chasing the dogs. I would snatch them up one at a time and put them inside and go get another dog. Finally, they were all inside. Now, I just needed to find a way  to help the peacock escape from my back yard. How am I supposed to do that?


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