Senior Day Care Centers

The summer is here in most of the U. S., though not officially. I watched the Weather Channel and they were talking about snow in the Northwest. There isn’t snow in the south.

When it gets really hot the elderly need activities that are inside and safer for their health. There are Senior Day Care Centers that usually offer many activities during the daytime hours. Some may charge a nominal fee for activities such as Bingo, Pokekeno and different card games.

-When my son was marketing for a Non-Medical Home Health Company, he would stop at two or three day care centers during the week and pass out information for the elderly that may need assistance when returning home. One day, everyone was in an uproar when he arrived. A gentleman and a lady were behind the television holding some cords. Everyone was chattering and standing around shaking their heads. He asked the secretary, “What is going on? Why is everyone so upset? ” She explained, “The Wii Gaming System isn’t working. ” Immediately, he was seen by a lady there and she shuffled her little body to him as quickly as  she could, grabbed his hand and led him to the television set. She said to my son, “I bet you  know how to play this gaming thing don’t you?” He answered, “Yes mam.” She began fussing that the gentleman holding the wires was upset because he was losing the tennis match on the game. He walked behind the television and unplugged the system so he wouldn’t lose. After he pulled the wires he crossed them up and now they can’t figure out how to put them back the right way so everyone can have their turn playing. Sounding very frustrated she said, ” It is important that we take our turns because this is our daily exercise.” At this point, everyone has stopped talking and are now staring at my son. He knew he wasn’t leaving there until he had the Wii fixed for them. It was a pretty simple task for him to fix the Wii, but as you  can see it was very perplexing for the elderly.

Senior Day Care Centers are great places for the elderly to attend with exercises, healthy foods, companionship, supervision, assistance with toileting, fun and laughter, a cool safe location for the elderly, and an extra watchful eye on them.

Some Centers have transportation for the elderly and will pick them up at their homes at a certain time and also return them to their home. Sometimes caregivers or family members may need to provide transportation.

The elderly do not have to attend every day. They can choose which days they would like to go. Perhaps 3 days a week would be enough interaction for one person but not enough for someone else.

It is a cheaper option than hiring a caregiver for companionship. Check out your  local Senior Citizen Day Care Center and see what they have to offer.

Thank you,

Robin Gale

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One thought on “Senior Day Care Centers

  1. Love your post! I have been working in Geriatrics Therapy in the nursing home setting for 5+ yrs and I’m constantly telling my colleagues that our area needs elderly daycare care centers. I believe this option for our seniors will become more and more available in the upcoming years!


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