Hazards in the Home for Elderly People

There are a few objects that are dangerous items in an elderly persons home but the one I want to talk about is throw rugs. These rugs have caused more falls than probably any other object in their homes. 

They are put in hallways, by beds, by bathtubs, over carpets, doorways, front and back doors, in front of appliances and the kitchen sink.

There is a tape that you can purchase at your  local hardware or building supply store that will assist in holding the rugs in place. Velcro works pretty well on carpet. Make sure that you are attaching the tape to the edges of the rugs.

You may wonder why they would want so many throw rugs, especially, when they have carpet.  Most of them grew up in houses that were raised.  There was a furnace or two in the homes with fireplaces. Throw rugs were used to to walk on to save them from walking on the really cold floor in the winter time, along with socks. It also became a fashion statement. As time went on, elegant throw rugs and larger ones were manufactured.

If you can talk your parents into removing the rugs from the home, that would be the best thing. That’s probably not going to happen. The next best thing is to use the  specially made adhesive tape for the rugs. At night time, be sure the areas are lit well with lights so they can see the rugs, particularly, when walking to the bathroom.

Let’s try to keep them safe and happy!

God Bless,

Robin Gale



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