DiGize Essential Oil

DiGize is an Essential Oil blend. It contains Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Lemongrass, Anise, Patchouli, and Fennel. As you can tell by these names, it is an oil that is used for many things but works wonders for the Digestive System. Many people whether you are a senior citizen or even a teenager can benefit … Continue reading DiGize Essential Oil


How Hot Is It?

Heat Index is 97 this afternoon by my house. I can't help but think about the senior citizens in their homes without a/c. Sometimes they have a/c but don't turn it on during the day. They only turn it on at night to sleep. Please don't forget to check on any seniors that live in … Continue reading How Hot Is It?

The word “Geriatrics”

What's in a name? A lot. It's all how you look at it or speak it. Of course, we need to look at the Greek language to interpret.  The word, "Geriatrics" comes from the Greek words "geras,"meaning old age. "iatro," means relating to medical treatment. Geriatrics is the medical specialty that deals with the physiology … Continue reading The word “Geriatrics”

Seniors-**Myths vs. Facts**

As I am sitting here thinking about what to write tonight, I wanted to keep it uplifting. Here are some good thoughts to think about this weekend, especially, if visiting your parents. Perhaps you could also discuss this with the grandchildren on the way there. Myth-Most older people are all alike. Fact-The elderly group are … Continue reading Seniors-**Myths vs. Facts**

Hazards in the Home for Elderly People

There are a few objects that are dangerous items in an elderly persons home but the one I want to talk about is throw rugs. These rugs have caused more falls than probably any other object in their homes.  They are put in hallways, by beds, by bathtubs, over carpets, doorways, front and back doors, … Continue reading Hazards in the Home for Elderly People

Young Living Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

What a great way to relax at night is to rub this on your hands and feet for a great nights sleep. Or you can order the bottle of Lavender Essential Oil and rub 2-4 drops directly on your feet. http://www.youngliving.com/

Senior Day Care Centers

The summer is here in most of the U. S., though not officially. I watched the Weather Channel and they were talking about snow in the Northwest. There isn't snow in the south. When it gets really hot the elderly need activities that are inside and safer for their health. There are Senior Day Care … Continue reading Senior Day Care Centers

Excerpt From My New Book(Coming Soon)

As I was cooking my breakfast the dogs were louder than usual and their barking sounded different. The barking was sharp and rapid sounding.  I could even hear them growling inside my house. They didn’t have the same sound as usual when chasing the squirrels.  I started towards the glass door and lo and behold, … Continue reading Excerpt From My New Book(Coming Soon)

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Have you ever had flashes pop in your mind of events happening and within a week or so it happens? You may have been driving, cooking, taking a shower, cutting the grass or something else. Usually you are doing something that doesn’t require a lot of attention, kind of on auto pilot. You may have … Continue reading Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Thieves Essential Oil-Young Living

Thieves Essential Oil can be used topically, internally or diffused for better health.  Thieves Essential Oil  can be applied anywhere on the body, but works best when placed on the feet, behind the ears or on the chest or hands. It can be used in a diffuser as it helps to remove harmful bacteria and … Continue reading Thieves Essential Oil-Young Living