How Hot Is It?

Heat Index is 97 this afternoon by my house. I can't help but think about the senior citizens in their homes without a/c. Sometimes they have a/c but don't turn it on during the day. They only turn it on at night to sleep. Please don't forget to check on any seniors that live in … Continue reading How Hot Is It?


The word “Geriatrics”

What's in a name? A lot. It's all how you look at it or speak it. Of course, we need to look at the Greek language to interpret. ┬áThe word, "Geriatrics" comes from the Greek words "geras,"meaning old age. "iatro," means relating to medical treatment. Geriatrics is the medical specialty that deals with the physiology … Continue reading The word “Geriatrics”

Senior Day Care Centers

The summer is here in most of the U. S., though not officially. I watched the Weather Channel and they were talking about snow in the Northwest. There isn't snow in the south. When it gets really hot the elderly need activities that are inside and safer for their health. There are Senior Day Care … Continue reading Senior Day Care Centers

Transfer Disc for Safely Transferring a Patient.

This is one of the best tools that can be used when transferring a patient that has little mobility. It can be used safely when transferring from a bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet, shower bench to wheelchair , wheelchair to car or any other places. The patient does need to be able to stand … Continue reading Transfer Disc for Safely Transferring a Patient.

Sleeping Habits

For most of the elderly sleeping all night is a challenge. Sometimes the doctors prescribe Ambien or tell them to take Benadryl. The problem with that is they become an even greater fall risk at night. Waking up in the middle of the night drugged can be dangerous as they stumble through the house to … Continue reading Sleeping Habits

The Stigma Associated With Using A Walker

As we get older and we all do quicker than we realize, it seems we lose our independence a little piece at a time. For the elderly, being told they need to use a walker when walking around just doesn't sit too well with them. Excuse the pun. We all remember either it was us … Continue reading The Stigma Associated With Using A Walker

I Want To Go Home!

How many times have you heard someone with Dementia or Alzheimer's say they want to go home? You look at them and tell them they are home and have lived there for 60 years. They have a blank look in their eyes as they don't understand what you are telling them. The home they are … Continue reading I Want To Go Home!